Monday, March 1, 2010


Is pumping through me
If only you could see
If only you really knew me
Then we could start to be
We, knaddi mean?
Or maybe you disagree
Because I am one of the. .
Hookah disciples
I blow dope smoke rings
I hardly give a shit about material things
but then again that's just me
and you know i'll let you be
that is if you don't bother
if you bother than i'll wanna
but i don't care if you're gonna
cause i could simply get anotha
another kind of lova
special like a brotha or a motha
but in a different way
because she'll be my baby
and make me wanna say
i love you everyday
cause she will be my lady
and i will call her miss
simply because of this,
she takes me to bliss.

anyway i posted this because i've been skateboarding all day and the adrenaline is pumping through my bones and it feels great, then i went into freestyle mode. haha. Hope you enjoyed! Good Evening!

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