Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good idea

To be good to everyone. I realize this is late. Horrible how family gets in the way of schoolwork isn't it? Or wait, is that supposed to be the other way around? I don't understand our modern day society. We are not good to everyone and we are in fact sometimes harmful. The good life is what we want. Love is the tool we must use to achieve that goal. Not that love should be classified as a tool. More as a way of living/understanding. Love everyone, I order you. haha


  1. Hmm, is that a cynical idealist I hear behind this screen? I recognize that viewpoint, and that specific tone of voice of someone who just wants the world to work right. I think love is indeed a tool, in one way of looking at it -- a very powerful tool indeed. But it is so manifold in uses and in facets of its nature that such a classification would sharply limit its ability to "make the world go 'round," as they say. For now, I say look at love as everything that you should be. Live up to that ideal, and let it move you to ever-positive action. Let it be your life, and let it lift others along the way. That, at its fullest, is how the human life is best lived.

  2. You write with sincerity and about big questions. The imagery you use in some of your later postings is vivd and memorable. I hope you'll keep writing.