Monday, February 22, 2010

Where is home?

Can there be multiple homes to an individual, or is there a certain place that resides in the heart as ones home?


  1. Yes, someone can have multiple homes. I was born and raised in another state and lived there for 19 years. When I started school 3 years ago in Utah I felt like this was not my home and it was just the place that I went to school. Now, I realize that I do have a home here in Utah. It is the relationships you build along the way that create a home. You may not be talking about physical living situations, but thats a start on that topic.

  2. There can be more than one home that a person holds in their heart, yes... but a person needs only one to live. For me, well, I have an odd idea of home. My primary home, my safest place, is wherever my significant other happens to be. As a result, I often feel estranged or lonely in my own room, and perfectly at home (pardoning the idiom) in some of the strangest places and situations just because I'm with her. Maybe that's weird, maybe not. But it is how I am.