Monday, March 8, 2010

What is this Weird World?

Does anybody else wish they knew what it was like to live on earth before all of the underground was dug up and stacked on top?
I wonder most of the time why we are in the society we are in today and how it became this way. I don't know why we would evolve into such an unnatural state of being when we could be living healthier naturally.
It is of concern to me that we continue down this path of destruction, with the knowledge that we know that we are on a path of destruction.
It would not be hard for us to live in a natural state of being like that of Native Americans if we stopped killing our earth(ourselves). It is in this way of "take what is needed (to survive), but do not waste" that we will be able to save our homeland.
So why is it that we continue to act in the manner we do now, with the knowledge that we are doing harm?


  1. Why do we destroy without care? Because no one believes that they are the problem. Individual people believe (and not entirely wrongly) that their impact is so small as to be irrelevant. The amount of trash one family produces in a week compared to the amount that is recycled is infinitesimal next to the same thing nation-wide. And yet, much like a single grain of sand, it makes that much difference for that family to choose to recycle what they can, or for a city (perhaps a handful of sand) or for a state (a truckload) or even for the whole nation (the entire beach). The key is making people recognize that a cumulative positive effect will never happen without individuals changing their behavior.

  2. exactly and if everyone follows that same example, thinking that their actions are minuscule, then we will not make progress.